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Advertising and marketing

“Your audience awaits.”

This is more than a campaign slogan. For GLC, this has become an operating philosophy. And while I can’t claim credit for the line, I was part of the team that codified the theory behind it.

Marketing agencies have a singular weakness: a propensity to talk about themselves. I’ve been on both sides of the sales pitch and it’s rare to find one that doesn’t begin and end with exhaustive encomia on the glories of the pitching agency. While a little informational bragging is no sin, it risks taxing the patience of the would-be client by shortchanging a discussion of the problem the agency intends to solve.

We endeavored to correct this by adopting “Your audience awaits” as our credo. As a message to GLC’s clients, it’s good advice: Your customers are waiting for you. Don’t talk about yourself. Talk to them where they live and reward their attention.

But the phrase also works as an internal blueprint. We are confident in our skills but we demonstrate that to the world by showing off our work, not enumerating our credentials.

GLC’s corporate brochure (seen here almost in full) is the best expression of the tagline. It wasn’t easy, but it almost totally eschews the use of the pronouns “we” and “us.” Instead, the challenges and victories of our clients are illustrated through their stories and shared solutions.

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